Houston Spousal Support Information

Provided by a Houston Divorce Attorney

Photo of CalculatorUpon divorce, Texas courts may order spousal support for one of the spouses. This support, also referred to as alimony, is intended to provide one spouse with support in instances in which one spouse was the primary source of income or where the future earning capacity of the spouses is disproportionate. Texas favors rehabilitation alimony, which only provides spousal support in limited circumstances for a certain number of years, depending on the duration of the marriage, to give the payee spouse time to gain the resources and skills to support himself or herself. To learn more about alimony, visit our alimony and spousal support website.

Whether a spouse can receive support and how much the spouse can receive depend upon a number of factors. Such factors include each spouse’s income, education level and job skills; the length of the marriage; the health of each spouse; any pre-marital agreements; and any marital misconduct by either of the spouses. Because of the numerous factors applied by state courts, as well as the discretionary nature of spousal support orders, it is important that you obtain the assistance of a Houston family lawyer in requesting spousal support.

Although support is not always available, the Houston divorce lawyers at John K. Grubb & Associates strive to assist our clients in obtaining any support for which they are eligible, to ensure that you are able to continue supporting yourself after your divorce. Our attorneys are experienced in divorce cases and are able to explain the different types of spousal support that may be applicable in your situation. If you feel that you should receive spousal support, contact one of our Houston divorce attorneys today to set up an initial consultation.