Basic Information about Houston Divorces

Provided by a Houston Divorce Lawyer

Photo of Petition for DivorceWhen you make the decision to get divorced or if you have suddenly been served with papers by your spouse, you need a strong legal team on your side to protect your assets and make sure that you get what you deserve. Because this is such an emotional time, you cannot always think clearly and rationally, which is when you rely on your Houston divorce attorney to help you through it. In addition to the Houston divorce itself, you will need to discuss property division (including the difference between community property and separate property), child custody, child support, alimony (also known as spousal support and spousal maintenance), visitation rights, and more.

Our Houston divorce law firm handles high end divorces, which often includes heated disputes over assets and children. Ideally, we would like to be able to help you settle your divorce amicably without having the courts step in; however, if this is not possible, you will have a qualified legal team on your side to protect you in the Texas courts. Please contact a Houston divorce lawyer at our firm today to discuss your case and set up a consultation.