What are Grandparent Visitation Rights?

Let our Houston Family Attorney Explain

Photo of Old and Young HandsA Houston court may decide to grant grandparent visitation rights. The grandparent may seek child visitation rights after a divorce has limited their contact with the grandchildren. They may also seek child visitation rights if one or more of the parents has died, or if they are found to be a danger to the child. If the child was born outside of a marriage, the paternal grandparents can only petition for visitation rights if paternity has been established.

Grandparents cannot petition for child visitation rights if the parents are still married.

The court will take into consideration the individual circumstances of the case in order to determine if the grandparents are entitled to child visitation rights. The relationship between the grandparents and the parents will be taken into consideration. The court will also need to establish if the grandparents have had meaningful contact with the child.

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