Houston Alimony and Spousal Support Arrangements

Information provided by a Houston Divorce Lawyer

Photo of Alimony DocumentWhen you get divorced, one of the spouses may be entitled to alimony, also called spousal support or spousal maintenance. The amount that the spouse is entitled to varies based on certain circumstances, such as the length of marriage, future earnings, child support, etc. Keep in mind that a client is not guaranteed to receive any alimony, but it is something that we like to discuss with our clients. Texas spousal support laws have recently changed, and now more than ever, talking to an attorney about your spousal support needs and expectations is extremely important.

A Houston divorce attorney at our firm can explain the different types of alimony, including temporary alimony, permanent alimony, reimbursement alimony, and rehabilitative alimony. We also explain the different factors that are used to determine eligibility for spousal support. This way, you know ahead of time what type of settlement you are looking at. For more information about the types of Houston alimony, we have created a website that explains this further. If you are ready to discuss your options, please contact our Houston divorce law firm now to set up a consultation.